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Julianne Pillars

Faux Rental


The Julianne pillars are coming soon and are ready to order! They will be absolutely breathtaking in photos and in person! They will be over 7 feet tall and very similar in size to our other pillars. They will wow your guests at the ceremony and/or reception. We are designing these pillars with a bold and regal design using a variety of garden roses, Queen Anne's lace, rose buds, dahlias, wild wisteria vines, and Italian ruscus to compliment the Julianne collection. All flowers are premium silk.

The Julianne pillars will measure roughly 84" x 30" and will be part of the Julianne Collection

*Please note that the picture of the Sydney pillars in the gallery is included for size only

*The listed price is for one calendar day for this faux floral rental

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